Laurou customer data privacy policy 12.1.2019

This privacy policy is meant to explain why we manage your personal data and what rights customer has about his data. This privacy policy covers all the data collected on our website, in services connected to our site and all the data that is collected when a customer is contacting our customer service through email or our site. 

By continuing to use our website and our services customer agrees with this privacy policy.  

Registry keeper

Laurou Ltd 
Company ID: 2921629-4
Address: Aleksis Kiven tie 52A, 04200 Kerava
Phone: +358 50 540 1070 

Contact information for privacy policy matters 

Laurou Customer Service 
Phone: +358 50 540 1070 

The purpose of processing your personal data 

Personal data is managed according to the law to maintain and develop your customership. Personal data is collected, managed and used by Laurou website and campaigns to deliver customer orders, to manage customer relations, to do direct marketing and distance selling and for customer contact purposes. Furthermore, personal data can be used for analytical reasons and to develop Laurou services. Mainly we collect personal data to handle orders. 

Collected data 

The register can contain this type of data:

Address (separately for billing and delivery)
Postal code and city (separately for billing and delivery)
Phone number
E-mail address
Company address information
Company’s VAT information  

Data sources of the register 

Register’s data sources are data given by customers in online shop checkout and registration pages. Personal data is collected and managed in Laurou online shop, website, billing, accounting, email and social media communities. 

Personal data can be collected through Laurou website and with electronic and non-electronic forms (example feedback- and order forms) and by phone to handle customer service tasks. Personal Data is also managed when we are sending newsletters and when the person is participating in competitions, raffles, and other marketing activities.  

Disclosures of data 

Data might be disclosed to third parties inside European Union like an example to administrators of the Laurou online shop, our partners, companies producing services ordered by the customer and to the official authorities. Data disclosure is possible to deliver products and services and to fulfill agreements between Laurou and customers. No data will be disclosed to third parties without the consent of the person otherwise than mentioned before or for the demand from official authorities. 

Removal of the Data 

Customer data can be removed on request or after terminating the customer relationship. Requests for data removal should be delivered to for manual removal of data from the register. 

Register protection 

Laurou customer register is allowed only to administrators and personnel who are using it as part of their job. Usage of the register is surveilled by individual usernames and passwords. Laurou online shop customer register is an electronic database managed by the authorized technical administrator. Our online shop is protected by a firewall, virus protection and other proper measures against hacking and other cybercrime measures.

Changes to the privacy policy 

Laurou reserves the right to alternations to this privacy policy. Newest version with the date is always available on this website. If there are significant changes, we will notify that at the beginning of updated privacy policy and also on the front page of